A pedophile dad who raped his three underage daughters and made two of them have sex with each other hit out at a judge and admitted he is a ‘dirty old man.’

Source : metro news

Herman See, 49, dropped to his knees angrily before he was sentenced to 221 years jail Monday, and told Judge Patrick Dinkeldacker: ‘What, do you want me to kiss your ass? Come on with the sentences.

‘Don’t think too hard, you might blow your brain.’

#BREAKING Herman See is sentenced to 221 years and 4 life imprisonments. Angela Stites is sentenced to 86 years.

Both convicted for multiple charges of rape over 14 years to their own 3 children. You have to watch the interaction below. It was truly an intense courtroom. @WCPO

— Jasmine Minor (@jasmineminortv) March 25, 2019

The appalling diatribe, spewed by See at a courtroom in Hamilton County, Ohio, Monday, was halted by Judge Dinkeldacker, who reminded See that he was supposed to be a dad.

But the crazed pedophile quickly shot back with a barb at his accusers, saying: ‘To liars. A dad to liars!…I’m a dirty old man.’

See, 49, was sentenced to 221 years prison plus four additional life sentences on Monday in Hamilton County, Ohio. His partner and mother to his daughters, Angela Stites, 43, was sentenced to 86 years for her role in the sexual abuse.

The pervert began hurling insults as soon as he was brought before the judge, got down on his knees and shouted: ‘I’ll bow down to the lord.’ He was pulled to his feet by police and continued, saying ‘Oh, now you don’t want me to bow to the real man, do you? That’s what I thought. Your fake.’

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